Learning to Code Has Never Been This

iKODAT is a gamified educational corporate simulation platform designed to teach students how to code. Join 410+ students to compete and collaborate to rise up the ranks of iKODAT!

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The Team

Kai Fergerstrom

Hi, I'm Kai, and I built iKODAT. I started developing iKODAT in the summer of 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic to help my robotics team continue learning over the quarantine. After realizing how much my team enjoyed the platform, I decided to scale out iKODAT to help anybody practice programming. Feel free to contact me for any questions or suggestions!

What is iKODAT?

iKODAT is a gamified rank-based educational corporate simulation platform to help students to learn to code.

Welcome to iKODAT, a futuristic startup. Users start as interns and complete programming challenges to rise up the ranks. By writing efficient and secure code, users can become Senior Developers, Team Leads, and even the CEO.